Connect People Build Infrastructure Grow Clusters

How to make the most of UK innovation

Four leading entrepreneurs – Hermann Hauser, Sherry Coutu, Andy Richards and David Cleevely – are calling for travel time between London, Oxford, Cambridge and the rest of the UK to be cut as part of a broad-based strategy for boosting innovation.

The authors recommend that the government should convene a broad range of individuals and organisations to plan how to:

  1. Inspire initiatives and experiments that connect people and ideas in creative ways.
  2. Invest in infrastructure to improve connectivity to London King’s Cross as the mega-hub for the South East, and cut travel time between the corners of the Golden Triangle to well under an hour.
  3. Develop an inclusive UK-wide branding strategy for clusters that allows excellence to grow and prosper, no matter where it resides, and empowers all participants equally.

Connect People Build Infrastructure Grow Clusters – Report

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